Please pay attention to exam dates and instructions indicated by your instructor on the course syllabus. Your instructor may request that you complete an exam using an electronic tool (such as E-submit), email or fax the completed exam directly to the instructor, OR use the exam process with the EDGE Materials Handler, described below.

Students in the greater Seattle area are required to take their final exams on campus unless the instructor approves the use of a proctor. Refer to your course syllabus.

Midterms and finals must be completed on the SAME DAY and (if possible) TIME as the in-class course. If the indicated schedule cannot be arranged, contact the professor to negotiate an alternative time. Notify the EDGE Materials Handler of alternative arrangements via email.

The UW Final Examination Schedule is available every quarter. If you choose to take the exam on-campus, refer to the course syllabus for confirmation of exam time and location.

Exam process with the EDGE Materials Handler

Your instructor may choose to have the EDGE Materials Handler administer the course examination. The course instructor emails a copy of the exam to the EDGE Materials Handler, who sends the exam to the student's designated proctor with exam instructions. At the designated test time the proctor administers the exam for the student. The proctor faxes or emails the completed exam to the EDGE Materials Handler, who sends the student an email verification once materials are received. Once materials are received the student should instruct the proctor to return the hard copy of the exam to EDGE Materials Handler's office via regular mail.

The proctor should NOT return the hard copy exam before the student receives an email confirmation of the exam's receipt by the EDGE Materials Handler. Under no circumstances should the student or proctor keep the exam (original or copy) after the completed materials are sent to EDGE Materials Handler.

Proctors for EDGE Materials Handler

Students taking an exam off campus are required to identify a proctor that will be approved by the EDGE Materials Handler. Please complete and submit a Proctor Verification Form no later than 5 business days before your first exam.

Proctors must include:

  • Dedicated Human Resources professional
  • Supervisor, or other management professional
  • Head librarian
  • College/Community College/University testing center
  • Learning Center (e.g. Huntington, Kumon, Sylvan)
  • U.S. embassy/consular office
  • Commissioned officer whose rank is higher than your own, or the education officer of the base (for military only)
  • High school or college affiliated school superintendent, principal, counselor, administrator, or faculty member who is not your coworker

Your proctor may not be any of the following:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Clergy

Proctor forms are valid for one academic year only; a new form will be required at the start of a new academic year or the quarter in which a student began taking courses OR if a new proctor is designated.