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STARS students

Engineering student success through STARS

The academic "redshirt" program, designed to increase the success rate for students from economically- and educationally-disadvantaged backgrounds, is reporting positive impact in terms of student retention and performance.

Hyperloop team

Engineering student team heads to SpaceX for Hyperloop competition

Hyperloop, a transportation theory developed by Elon Musk, would allow people to travel at hypersonic speed via pods inside vacuum tubes. UWashington Hyperloop received an award and a big surprise at the first stage of the competition.

Caleb Perez in the lab

Bioengineering student Caleb Perez receives UW Freshman Medal

Caleb Perez received the Freshman Medal for academic achievement. Perez’s interest in bioengineering was inspired by his family's history of health challenges, and he hopes to help solve health problems by pursuing a career biomedical research.

Handheld microscope

New handheld, pen-sized microscope could ID cancer cells in doctor’s offices and operating rooms

UW mechanical engineers are developing a handheld microscope to help doctors and dentists distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in an office setting or operating room.

Parents using mobile phones

Family technology rules: What kids expect of parents

A new study explores children’s expectations for parents’ technology use — revealing kids’ feelings about fairness and “oversharing,” the most effective types of household technology rules and families’ most common approaches.

Mobile phone using Passive Wi-Fi

UW engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power

UW computer scientists and electrical engineers have generated a “Passive Wi-Fi” system that can transmit Wi-Fi signals at rates 11 times faster than Bluetooth but uses far less power than conventional methods.

CSNE researchers examining flexible neural recording fibers

UW center receives $16M to work on first implantable device to reanimate paralyzed limbs

The UW’s Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering has won a $16M NSF grant to develop the first implantable device to reanimate paralyzed limbs and restore motor function in stroke or spinal cord injury patients.

AgriC team with winning check

Engineering student teams win big at 2016 UW Innovation Challenges!

Engineering students swept the Environmental Innovation Challenge and placed highly in the Health Innovation Challenge. These events provide students the opportunity to solve pressing issues in interdisciplinary teams.