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Hand holding smartphone

Enabling smart care through smart phones: Health innovation for the greater good

A smartphone offers more than access to email and Facebook: It has the power to detect disease and save lives. UW UbiComp researchers are developing mobile technologies to transform health care in even the poorest regions of the globe.

Pencil point and pipette

UW team stores digital images in DNA — and retrieves them perfectly — breaking data storage record

UW and Microsoft researchers have developed one of the first complete systems to store digital data in DNA — allowing one to store data that today would fill a Walmart supercenter in a space the size of a sugar cube.

Professor Radha Poovendran

UW-led research team wins $7.5M MURI grant to defend against advanced cyberattacks

A UW-led research team won a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) grant from the Department of Defense to better model and mount defenses against computer hacking attacks known as “advanced persistent threats.”


UW-led team wins $10M EPA grant for air pollution research

To address the pressing need for better air quality, a UW-led research team was awarded a $10 million grant by the EPA. The grant will fund the creation of the Center for Air, Climate and Energy Solutions.

Malaria detection device

Improving malaria detection through computer vision and machine learning

Electrical engineering students Charles Delahunt and Mayoore Jaiswal are applying their skills in computer vision and machine learning to fight malaria. They have developed a low-cost, portable diagnostic device called Autoscope.

Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards named one of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine

Civil and environmental engineering alumnus Marc Edwards was named one of the world’s most 100 influential people by Time Magazine for his work to uncover lead poisoning during the Flint, MI water crisis.

Mike Francis

Crafting a dream: An engineer’s passion for brewing

When Mike Francis graduated from the UW with a degree in industrial & systems engineering, he embarked on two seemingly unrelated paths: one, as an industrial engineer, and the other as a home brewing hobbyist.