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[em]Washington Engineer[/em] - July 2017

In the July 2017 issue:

  • Dean's Message
  • Research - Battery free cellphone; Tumor scanning microscope; Drone vs. truck deliveries
  • Campus News - Engineering Innovation in Health; First STARS graduates; $1.5M EE gift
  • Events - Engineering lecture series
  • In the Media - Most influential schools in tech; Ridesharing cars as surveillance; 2D magnet

Dean's Message

The dean touches on the College’s Engineering Innovation in Health program, the UW’s top spot among major tech company employees and the world’s first battery-free cellphone. Read message »

Michael Bragg


Close up of battery free cellphone

First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power
University of Washington electrical engineers and computer scientists have invented a cellphone that requires no batteries — a major leap forward in moving beyond chargers, cords and dying phones. Instead, the phone harvests the few microwatts of power it requires from either ambient radio signals or light.
WIRED | Forbes | CNN | Fortune | Mashable | IEEE Spectrum

view from microscope

Microscope can scan tumors during surgery and examine cancer biopsies in 3-D
A new microscope invented by UW mechanical engineers and pathologists could provide real-time results during cancer-removal surgeries — potentially eliminating the 20 to 40 percent of women who have to undergo multiple lumpectomy surgeries because cancerous breast tissue is missed the first time around.
Popular Science | US News and World Report | Engadget | KOMO TV

delivery drone with package

Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?
Delivering packages with drones can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in certain circumstances as compared to truck deliveries, a new study from UW transportation engineers finds. Drones can offer pollution benefits when they don’t have to fly very far to their destinations or when packages are small and light.
Yahoo News | New Atlas | TechCrunch | KING5 | GeekWire

Campus News

eih students in classroom

Engineering Innovation in Health
Through cross-disciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship, ME’s Engineering Innovation in Health (EIH) program provides a framework for engineering students and faculty to partner with clinicians and develop affordable solutions to today’s pressing health needs.

Courtney Seto, Jasmine Fuerte-Stone, Tuyen Truong

Aiming for the STARS: First STARS students graduate with engineering degrees
The UW College of Engineering’s STARS program is designed to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who graduate with engineering degrees by allowing them to participate in an extra “redshirt” year to build skills and academic knowledge. However, three students from the first cohort have completed the program and their engineering degrees in just four years.

CMMB Vice-Chairman and CTO Hui Lui, Professor and Chair Radha Poovendran, Dean Michael Bragg and CMMB President and CEO Charles Wong

$1.5M gift launches new center on smart, connected communities
Hong Kong-based CMMB Vision has awarded the UW Department of Electrical Engineering a $1.5 million gift to establish a new research center. The CMMB Vision-UW Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles will focus on the development of the next generation of smart cars and ubiquitous connectivity.


Engineering Lecture Series
Engineering the Data Revolution: Fake News, Smart Cities and Data in DNA

Save the Date! Registration will open in September.

Borrowing from Nature to Build Better Computers: DNA Data Storage and Beyond
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Luis Ceze, Associate Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering

Finding “Fake News” in Times of Crisis: Online Rumors, Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Kate Starbird, Assistant Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering

Making Cities Smarter for Drivers: Using Data to Improve Urban Congestion and Parking
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Lillian Ratliff, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

In the Media

UW campus with students and blooming cherry trees

UW tops the list of most influential schools in tech
GeekWire | June 24, 2017
When it comes to pure numbers, the University of Washington takes top honors with the highest number of employees at major tech companies, according to a new study. The school is the number one alma mater for employees at Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia. More than 10 percent of Expedia employees, 6.5 percent of Microsoft employees and 5.2 percent of Amazon employees are UW graduates.

researchers using tracker

Researchers use ridesharing cars to sniff out a secret spying tool
WIRED | June 2, 2017
Law enforcement’s use of surveillance devices known as stingrays — fake cell towers that can intercept communications and track phones — remains as murky as it is controversial, hidden in non-disclosure agreements and cloak-and-dagger secrecy. But UW computer science & engineering researchers have recruited ridesharing vehicles as surveillance devices of their own.
Gizmodo | Vocativ | TechCrunch | GeekWire

2D magnet

Physicists have finally created a 2D magnet
Nature News | June 7, 2017
Just one atom thick, the magnet developed by UW materials science engineers will allow researchers to perform previously impossible experiments.
IFL Science | GeekWire