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[em]Washington Engineer[/em] - January 2015

In the January 2015 issue:

  • Dean's Message
  • Research - Tracking Pedestrians, Brain-to-Brain Interface, Better Football Helmet
  • Campus News - New Research Center, AI Grants, 30 Under 30
  • Events - Lecture Series Online; WiSE Conference; NAE Regional Meeting
  • In the Media - Academic Redshirts, Robots & Privacy, Guestrin's Startup

Dean's Message

The dean touches on new partnerships with industry, exciting developments in research and in the CoE community, and some high-profile grants and awards to faculty members. Read message »

Michael Bragg


color boxes around individuals on surveillance video

Moving cameras talk to each other to identify, track pedestrians
UW electrical engineers have developed a way to automatically track people across moving and still cameras by using an algorithm that trains the networked cameras to learn one another’s differences.
IEEE Spectrum | ABC News | Q13 Fox | Daily Mail

student with electroencephalography cap

UW study shows direct brain interface between humans
UW researchers have successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection with three pairs of people. In a newly published study led by Rajesh Rao, professor of computer science and engineering, researchers were able to transmit the signals from one person’s brain over the Internet to control the hand motions of another person a half mile away.
Washington Post | MIT Technology Review | NBC News | Yahoo! News

sketch of redesigned, safer helmet

UW researchers win Head Health Challenge with new football helmet designed to combat concussions
A startup and collaboration that includes Per Reinhall, chair and professor of mechanical engineering, and Jonathan Posner, associate professor of mechanical engineering, has developed a new football helmet designed to mitigate the forces likely to cause concussion.
USA Today | GeekWire | KOMO TV | KING5 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Campus News

Boeing engineers Lance McCann and Jim Buttrick with a robotic device

Boeing, UW open research lab on Seattle campus
A new research center on campus is taking UW-Boeing collaboration to a new level. The Boeing Advanced Research Center offers a unique opportunity for students and faculty to work collaboratively with Boeing engineers on advanced manufacturing technologies.
The Seattle Times | KING5 | Puget Sound Business Journal | GeekWire | Seattle P-I

Jeffrey Heer, Ali Farhadi, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, and Luke Zettlemoyer

Competitive award to fund new approaches to artificial intelligence work
Four UW engineers have received the Allen Distinguished Investigator award for their work in artificial intelligence research. The awards, totaling about $2.7 million to the UW from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, will fund early stage research in several areas of artificial intelligence.
Puget Sound Business Journal | GeekWire

30 under 30 graphic

Three UW engineers make Forbes' 30 Under 30 in energy list
Three UW engineers were selected by Forbes magazine as part of its top 30 people in the world under age 30 in energy: Shyam Gollakota, assistant professor of computer science and engineering; Baosen Zhang, assistant professor of electrical engineering; and Derek Sutherland, aeronautics and astronautics doctoral student.
College of Engineering feature


2014 Lecture Series poster image

Watch the 2014 lecture series

The 2014 Engineering Lecture Series explored how engineers are improving our cardiac medical care and extending our lives. Watch a replay of the talks online.

Dare to Be WiSE poster excerpt

Women in Science & Engineering Conference
Saturday, Feb. 28 | 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Husky Union Building (HUB)

The day-long event offers educational and professional enrichment, bringing pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students together with faculty, administrators and professional women. Register online.

National Academy of Engineering logo

National Academy of Engineering
Regional Meeting and Symposium: Reverse Engineering the Brain

Thursday, March 19
UW Seattle campus

The College of Engineering will host the NAE's 2015 Regional Meeting and Symposium. The symposium is open and free to the public.

In the Media

students at white board (image - Mike Siegel, Seattle Times)

UW, WSU give future engineers a 'redshirt season'
The Seattle Times | Nov. 29, 2014
In an idea borrowed from college athletics, the UW and WSU boost promising engineering students — many of them women and minorities — with an extra year of academic work.
Seattle Times Google+ chat rewind, guest op/ed, and STEM report | UW Today story

Robo room service (image - Max Aguilera-Hellweg)

Cleaning bot operators get censored view of your home
New Scientist | Dec. 3, 2014
Will blurring the video feed recorded by a cleaning robot be enough for us to let strangers on the Internet operate them remotely in our homes? Maya Cakmak, a UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering who works in robotics, is featured.

Carlos Guestrin

Dato joins new wave of machine learning startups
Wired | Jan. 8, 2015
Carlos Guestrin, a UW professor of computer science and engineering, is riding the new wave of artificial intelligence. His startup, GraphLab, just received an additional $18.5 million in funding and is changing its name to Dato. According to Guestrin, the new name is meant to show that the company’s software can handle all sorts of machine learning tasks—not just graph analysis.
The Wall Street Journal | The Seattle Times | GeekWire