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Washington Engineer - May 2009

In this issue:

  • Dean's Message
  • Research News - Cloud computing; Scorpion venom to stop tumors; Indus script
  • Campus News - UW's 1st Environmental Innovation Challenge; Entrepreneurs in residence; Putnam, Goldwater student honors
  • Coming Events - Frontiers in nanotechnology; Workshop for industry women considering switch to academia
  • In the Media

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Dean's Message

video still

In this video message, Matt O'Donnell discusses the impact of state and federal budgets. Research funding is up and federal stimulus grants are coming, but state budget cuts are major. The initiative in molecular engineering forges ahead. More »

Research News

images from the mouth of the Columbia River depicting water depth and salinity Harnessing cloud computing for data-intensive research on oceans, galaxies
Three NSF grants will use cloud computing to study ocean simulations, analyze astronomical images, and bring cloud computing skills to college students. More »
depiction of nanoprobe Scorpion venom with nanoparticles slows spread of brain cancer
Combining nanotechnology with a scorpion venom compound already being investigated for treating brain cancer, materials scientists cut the spread of cancerous cells by 98 percent, compared to 45 percent for the scorpion venom alone. More »
An example of the Indus script - a stamp seal that measure one or two inches per side. Courtesy of J. M. Kenoyer / Indus script encodes language, reveals new study of ancient symbols
Symbols from the Indus civilization have never been deciphered, prompting doubts that they code for language. In a new paper in Science, a computer scientist used mathematics and machine learning to show the symbols’ pattern matches that of other languages. More »

Campus News

HydroSense team with oversize award check Student teams win cash for finding solutions to real-world environmental problems
Dozens of engineering students competed in the first UW Environmental Innovation Challenge. Go to YouTube to watch an interview with the team after accepting the $10,000 grand prize.
Two new UW TechTransfer programs bring local entrepreneurs to campus
The Entrepreneurs in Residence program invites entrepreneurs for short stints to explore possible partnerships. The first three have expertise in gaming software, medical devices and alternative energy.
Pranoti Hiremath UW student engineers earn Putnam, Goldwater honors
Will Johnson, a senior in computer science, placed sixth in the Putnam mathematics competition, the highest score of any student at a public university (more »). And bioengineering sophomore Pranoti Hiremath has been named a Goldwater Scholar (more »).

Coming Events

excerpt of graphic on Nanotech User Facility Web site Frontiers in Nanotechnology
June 10 - 12, 2009
UW Tower, Seattle

The UW Center for Nanotechnology will hold its annual conference jointly with Japan's National Institute for Material Science. This year's conference focuses on photonics, energy and bio-nanotechnology.
portion of on-ramps graphic Workshop seeks to lure women researchers from industry to academia
Applications are now being sought for a national workshop, October 19-20. The UW is trying a novel approach to draw more women faculty to science and engineering.

In the Media

streamers-like graphic from story on FoldIt Gamers unravel the secret life of protein
Wired, May 2009
Yoky Matsuoka and robotic arm The UW’s Yoky Matsuoka is leading the quest for robotics that take orders from the brain
The Seattle Times, April 5, 2009
tidal turbine image UW: Admiralty Inlet promising spot for tidal power
The Associated Press, April 15, 2009