Student appointment form

Please complete this form when hiring a new STUDENT HOURLY employee. You must also use this form if you wish to make any change to an existing appointment (i.e. pay rate, budget #, end date, etc.).

Appointment requests and all required paperwork should be submitted on or before the first day of employment.

If you selected "Yes" for Work study, attach a PDF of the completed Work Study Verification form that has been sent to the Work Study office.

Beginning of pay period preferred

If a previous job title is known, include here

You can upload pdf, doc, or docx files.

By clicking submit, I verify that: (1) I am a supervisor or have delegated authority to submit this form, and (2) the information provided above is complete and accurate. For ASE-covered appointments being submitted, I submit that (1) I have reviewed and understand the UW/UAW Labor agreement covering this appointment, (2) I will abide by all conditions set forth within the aforementioned agreement.