CoE Matching Funds

Requests must be for items that contribute to COE-wide or UW-wide research infrastructure (e.g., shared equipment).

Salary and expendables will not be supported, unless they are clearly essential for the contribution to infrastructure and are a one-time expense (for instance, for partial support of administrative or outreach personnel).

Be sure to follow the Procedures for Requesting Matching Funds, addressing the guidelines for the appropriate type of matching: D.C. travel, instrumentation, or remodeling.

Matching funds requests must be justified in terms of both criteria that follow:

  1. The strong impact of the funds on education and/or research within the College, for example any of the following, singly or in combination:
    • Clearly moves the College into significant new areas of education and/or research
    • Develops new tools that will launch new and/or current efforts to a significantly higher level
    • Helps achieve a significantly higher level in an area of current education and/or research
    • Enhances multiple research groups and/or build ties with other units

  2. The strong expectation of the funding agency for institutional support, for example:
    • The agency requires matching funds
    • Institutional commitment is an important criterion in awarding funds, or
    • Budgetary constraints make it impossible to include an essential item

    Both single-investigator and multi-investigator proposals are eligible, as long as they are justified.

    In many cases funds from departments will be necessary to maximize leverage of the commitment. However, in special cases it may be possible to obtain matching funds with no departmental contribution.