Request for Approval to Work a Full 3 Months in the Summer

  • Use this form to request permission from the Dean’s office to work a full three months in the summer.
  • Before requesting approval from the Dean's office, you should have already received approval from your home department. You must paste the approval into the appropriate field.
  • Please note that Academic Human Resources, the Office of Compensation, and the Payroll Office observe strict rules for these appointments. Please familiarize yourself with their guidelines by clicking on the links below.

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Alex Finlon, HR Administrative Assistant 

I would like to request permission to receive a summer salary for the date range indicated below. The heavy time commitments of my research and/or other work obligations require me to put in the full number of months indicated below this summer.

With this request, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily foregoing my time off.

I also acknowledge that as faculty, I cannot be funded 100% on a federal grant for the entire summer period. I am also aware that NSF limits summer salary to no more than two-ninths of my regular academic year salary. *

Employee Name:
Employee ID Number:
Reason for Request:

Start Date:
End Date:
# of Months Requested**:


Home Department Approval:


* Summer salary for faculty members on academic-year appointments is limited to no more than two-ninths of their regular academic-year salary. (Reference GPG Chapter II.C.2.g.(i))

** If consistent with funding agency policy, faculty on nine-month academic year appointments may accept grant/contract appointments during the summer for periods normally not to exceed 2.5 months in any one summer. A faculty member requesting appointment for greater than 2.5 months in any one summer must submit a written statement through the dean to the Provost indicating the intent to devote full-time effort during the summer employment period.