Retention Policy and Procedures

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy/process is to periodically address salary issues related to retaining targeted COE faculty. As financial circumstances allow, the Dean, at his sole discretion with input from the departments, will initiate a nomination process to identify and allocate resources to COE faculty in alignment with COE strategies, goals, and criteria. This process is independent of the merit process and funded from the Dean’s resources, available department resources and in some instances (in limited amounts), the Provost’s resources outside of merit and compression pools.

2.0 Revision History

No revisions to date.

3.0 Persons Affected

3.1 The Dean will initiate a nomination process, approve salary increases according to set criteria and COE strategies and present to the Provost. The Dean will allocate a portion of funds towards these efforts.

3.2 Chairs will identify and recommend faculty for these raises based on criteria set forth in this document, and will follow the nomination process, and particular processes and practices of the department. The department may allocate a portion of funds to these efforts.

3.3 COE faculty will be involved in the nomination process or delegate to the chair according to normal department processes and practices.

4.0 Policy

The Dean, chairs and departments will identify high-achieving faculty, selected for a combination of reasons, including a highly visible and successful research program and non-competitive salaries compared to the current market, as potential candidates for salary increases. The Dean and chairs will work in partnership to retain these faculty.

5.0 Responsibilities

5.1 Chairs

5.1.1 The chairs/departments should, as part of the annual evaluation process, identify tenured/tenure-track and/or research faculty who are potential candidates for retention based on the criteria and processes outlined below. The process includes a justification for the raise addressing the candidate’s performance over the last three years and why s/he has been chosen.

5.1.2 Suggested salary increases, (including proposed amounts that the department is willing to contribute) should also be included in the package, as appropriate, in 5%, 10% or 15% increments. These are in addition to the merit increase and will be awarded infrequently. The current salary should be considered during the process.

5.2 While the Dean’s Office will not directly contribute to any merit or retention packages for research faculty, the chairs/departments can identify research faculty members who should be considered for retention increases based on productivity, funding capabilities and contributions to the department, and alignment with College of Engineering goals.

5.3 Dean:

5.3.1 The Dean will review the nominations and at his sole discretion, award retention salary increases from the packages submitted.

5.3.2 The Dean will allocate a portion of funds towards these increases.

5.3.3 The Dean and the chair will negotiate resources that the department can allocate to these efforts.

5.3.4 The Dean will present to the Provost for approval.

6.0 Procedures

6.1 The Dean will:

6.1.1 Initiate the nomination process in the Fall as financial circumstances allow.

6.1.2 Supply the chairs with salary information specific to their department, and a nomination package checklist.

6.1.3 Inform chairs of his decisions and the portion of the salary increases that he will cover. (Note: retention salary increases can be anticipated on or around January 1st.)

6.1.4 Work with the Provost to implement.

6.2 The Chairs will:

6.2.1 Identify tenured/tenure-track faculty and research faculty as potential candidates based upon the following criteria (which can usually be found in the most recent merit review documentation):
  • Research
  • Funding
  • Scholarship and Teaching Activities
  • Current Salary
  • Department Contributions

6.2.2 Hold discussions with department faculty in alignment with the practices of each department.

6.2.3 Complete the nomination package and submit by the deadline.