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Coronavirus Information - College of Engineering

For the latest COVID-19 information

The College of Engineering is currently in Phase 1. Visit for the most up-to-date information for our community.

Important resources

College of Engineering information

Site plan (coming soon)

Student groups: On-campus activity information sheet

Contact us:

Training and attestations

Required training for all faculty, staff and students

Required daily attestations for anyone coming to campus for any length of time:

Department information and prevention plans

Department/facility Department information Prevent plan
AA information Guggenheim prevention plan, AERB prevention plan
BioE coming soon coming soon
CEE information prevention plan
ChemE information prevention plan
CSE coming soon coming soon
ECE information prevention plan
HCDE information coming soon
ISE information coming soon
ME information coming soon
MSE coming soon coming soon
Collaborative Core information coming soon
Washington Nanofabrication Facility information coming soon
DO-IT information coming soon

UW resources

Back to the Workplace Task Force

Back to School Task Force

Guidance for Returning to In-Person Research
This page by the Office of Research includes a Planning and Implementation Toolkit, Guides for Returning to In-Person Research by Topic and more.