Student Advisory Council

The College of Engineering Student Advisory Council provides a student perspective on planning and budgeting matters for the College of Engineering. The Council, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, meets monthly with the College of Engineering Dean or Associate Dean and select engineering staff. Both the Council and the leadership of the College provide discussion topics for the meetings.

In 2017-2018, key agenda topics included:

  • College of Engineering budget
  • Student space
  • Administrative processes

Student Advisory Council membership and structure


Department Name Level
Aeronautics & Astronautics Eric Wang Undergrad
Aeronautics & Astronautics Pascal Nagata Undergrad
Bioengineering Vaishnavi Dhawan Undergrad
Bioengineering Olesya Mironchuk Undergrad
Bioengineering Sharon Ke Undergrad
Chemical Engineering Michael (Gage) Elerding Undergrad
Chemical Engineering Jaime Rodriguez Grad
Chemical Engineering Caitlin Parke Grad
Civil & Environmental Engineering Helena Gubbels Undergrad
Computer Science & Engineering Gunnar Allemeier Undergrad
Human Computer Design & Engineering Espen Scheuer Undergrad
Electrical & Computer Engineering Julia Shettler Undergrad
Industrial Systems Engineering David Walker Undergrad
Mechanical Engineering Karli Berger Undergrad
Mechanical Engineering Kristin Anderson Undergrad
Mechanical Engineering Corey Wukelic Undergrad
Materials Science & Engineering Richard Lee Grad

How seats are apportioned

  • 10 undergraduate students (one from each of the 10 engineering departments)
  • 5 graduate students (at large)
  • 2 engineering undeclared students
  • Up to 3 additional at large members from the engineering community

Council positions

  • Chair
  • Vice chair
  • Communications Officer
  • ASUW Liaison
  • GPSS Liaison

Students holding leadership positions will be selected from within the Council membership.


The ideal membership of the committee represents students from all backgrounds. Council members represent the College of Engineering and bring viewpoints and perspectives that represent the voices of women; underrepresented minorities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, low-income, transfer, residential, and non-residential students; Registered Student Organization (RSO) members, and other groups.

Councilmember duties

  • Councilmembers serve 1-year terms with the exception of the Vice Chair who moves into the Chair position in their second term.
  • Council members can reapply to participate in the council.
  • The estimated total annual commitment is 35-40 hours, including meeting time, and pre- and post- meeting responsibilities.
  • Council members should expect to meet bi-monthly between October and May.