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Faculty & Research

Shuai Huang

Assistant Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Shuai Huang

  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University, 2012
  • B.S. Statistics, University of Science and Technology, China, 2007

Shuai Huang comes to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of South Florida where he was an assistant professor of industrial and management systems engineering.

Shuai’s research is driven by challenging data analytics problems, emphasizes innovation in statistics for problem solving, and targets system-level decision making and quality improvement. He develops methodologies for modeling, monitoring, diagnosis, and prognosis of complex networked systems, such as brain connectivity networks, social networks, cyber-physics systems, and manufacturing systems. He also develops novel statistical and data mining models to integrate the massive heterogeneous datasets such as neuroimaging, genomics, proteomics, laboratory tests, demographics, and clinical variables, for facilitating scientific discoveries in biomedical research and better decision making in clinical practices.

He is the recipient of a Best Paper Award from IIE Transactions in 2014. Two of his papers have also been selected as feature articles by IIE Magazine.