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Meet Our Faculty

Want to know a little more about our faculty? These faculty answered questions about how they became interested in engineering, what excites them about the future of their fields, and why UW is a great place to teach, learn and do research.

Alberto Aliseda thumbnailAlberto Aliseda
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Karl Böhringer thumbnailKarl Böhringer
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering

Also see the "featured engineer" profile of Prof. Böhringer on EEWeb.

Luis Ceze thumbnailLuis Ceze
Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Jessica Lundquist thumbnailJessica Lundquist
Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dan Schwartz thumbnailDan Schwartz
Boeing-Sutter Professor of Chemical Engineering


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Yoshi Kohno thumbnail Yoshi Kohno
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
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