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Minority Scholars Engineering Program (MSEP)

Men of Color in Engineering speakers

MSEP is committed to increasing the number of underrepresented students graduating with degrees in engineering.

MSEP promotes academic and professional excellence, leadership skill development, and fosters community for its affiliates. MSEP is the College of Engineering’s recruitment and retention program and is open to all students.

Men of Color in Engineering Leadership Series

The leadership series connects students to influential men of color, a community of peers and staff who assist students with their goals to obtaining engineering degrees. In partnership with UW Brotherhood Initiative.

Academic services for engineering students

Learn more about the resources available to help engineering students succeed:

Academic workshops »

One-credit/no credit courses (ENGR 191 - 194) that provide additional support for students in engineering prerequisite classes.

Study centers »

Study resources and learning facilitators available in the Engineering Academic Center in Loew Hall, second floor.

ENGR 202 seminar

A one-credit/no credit seminar for students wanting support to succeed in engineering. Offered Winter and Spring quarters, each quarter has its own emphasis.

Co-enrollment courses

MSEP works with the Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics departments to enroll students in math and science courses with other students with similar backgrounds and interests, creating the smaller communities that many students seek at large institutions. Courses maybe noted in the time schedule as "Includes MSEP students" and are designed to work with the appropriate Academic Workshops. To register for these courses, students must see an MSEP, WE Rise, or other engineering adviser.


The University of Washington is a National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering partner university, providing private source scholarships for African American, American Indian and Latinx engineering students. More: Engineering Scholarships »

Research and work experience

MSEP also works collaboratively with the College of Engineering Undergraduate Research and Career Center @ Engineering to help connect students with research and career building opportunities.

Student societies

MSEP hosts three national student organizations that have affiliated college chapters at the UW: American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES); National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE); and Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers (SHPE). These three groups collaborate with the Society of Women Engineers as the Coalition of Minority and Women Engineering Societies (CMWES). More: Student Clubs & Competitions »

ALVA: Alliances for Learning and Vision for Underrepresented Americans

MSEP ALVA  is an early college intern experience for engineering undeclared majors. Students are strongly encouraged to connect with MSEP prior to applying to this selective intern program.


Join us in appreciation for support and current-year funding from these organizations:
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To become a sponsor of the MSEP Program, contact Sharon Dana, 206-543-6908.