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Workshops & Seminars

Academic Workshops - ENGR 197

“Academic workshops” are a supplemental, one-credit/no credit course (ENGR 197) offered autumn, winter, and spring quarters to provide academic support for some of the core engineering prerequisite classes. The workshops meet twice a week and vary from quarter to quarter in conjunction with the following courses:

  • Math 120, 124, 125, 126, 307/308
  • Chemistry 142, 152
  • Physics 121, 122
  • AA 210

In the workshops, CoE academic staff, assisted by upper-level engineering majors, guide students as they participate in group discussions, compare notes, develop study strategies, and test their knowledge of key concepts & problem-solving skills. Supplemental workshops are highly interactive and can be a lot of fun. The more you participate in them, the more fun you have as you build upon the foundation of your future engineering career.

To register

To register for an academic workshop, contact your ENGRUD adviser in Loew 301. View course details for ENGR 197 in MyPlan (NetID login required). ENGR 197 is open to all ENGRUD students registering for the courses listed above.

Workshop activities

Here's what you can expect from the workshops:

  • Work directly with a Workshop Learning Facilitator three hours a week in class covering your course material. Emphasis is placed upon mastery of concepts covered in lectures.
  • Work collaboratively with other workshop participants, teaching and learning from each other.
  • Course material is covered in more depth than in the related class.
  • Receive tips and guidance on how to prepare for exams, how best to study, and how to use course books and materials.
  • Work through problems and learn to problem-solve at your own pace as well as in timed tests.

For additional support, you can meet with your Learning Facilitator during scheduled office hours in Loew 207.

ENGR 202 Seminar

ENGR 202 is a one-credit/no credit seminar offered spring quarter for students accepted into the MSEP ALVA program. Students identify strengths and skills and improve their communication, project management, and networking skills. The seminar also covers career and personal issues including workforce moral development, social purpose, and corporate values.

To register for ENGR 202, email contact your ENGRUD adviser in Loew 301.