Honors Program in Engineering

The University Honors Program provides a special learning context for high-achieving students looking for a rigorous and enhanced educational experience. All departments in the College of Engineering participate in the UW Honors program.

There are two types of Honors Degrees available within the College of Engineering: College Honors and Departmental Honors. Students in either program are part of the University Honors Program.

College Honors

Students enter the College Honors program as incoming freshmen. To receive college honors, students complete the honors core, combined with the departmental graduation requirements and departmental honors requirements. Students meeting these requirements become candidates for the degree designation, "With College Honors." Learn more »

Departmental Honors

Students enter the Departmental Honors program once they are accepted into and enter their department. Students completing these requirements become candidates for the degree "With Distinction." Learn more »

Requirements for graduating with Departmental Honors vary by major and are established by the College of Engineering's individual departments. Please check with your departmental adviser for details and forms. Most departments in the College of Engineering require:

  • Nine to 10 of the credits you take in your major to be honors courses, generally through the Ad-Hoc option.
  • An honors senior project or thesis.