UW faculty, staff and students in academic, degree granting departments, may lease Matlab and any toolbox in this program for use solely in support of classroom instruction and research activities of students and faculty. The physical location of the computer is not limited. This includes Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell campuses, as well as Harborview, Children's, and FHCRC for faculty holding joint or cross appointments. The computer may be located at work, home, in a laboratory, or on a laptop.

UW students may purchase the Student Version of MATLAB at the University Bookstore or directly from MathWorks.


Price list:

Lease software:

Matlab may be requested from You must have your name and email address listed (and public) in the UW faculty, staff, or student online directory to order Matlab.

Note: UW budget number only.

Software Overview:

MATLAB -- MATrix LABoratory -- is an integrated and extensible, technical computing environment that delivers powerful computation, visualization, and application development tools to your desktop.

Matlab is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

License Definitions and Details:

Licenses may be leased as individual licenses within the UW group license, or as concurrent use licenses within the campus wide pool. Pricing is the same for each.

An individual Designated Machine Licenses (DML) is tied to a particular computer. Each is assigned a unique license number, and must be activated in order to run. Only one DML is allowed per order. Multiple licenses are obtained by placing multiple orders.

The Concurrent Use License (CUL) may be installed on multiple machines but a license server will regulate the usage to the number of licenses leased. There are no restrictions on the number of licenses or toolboxes that may be ordered when selecting a CUL. A CUL requires an internet connection to the license server in order to operate.

Using MATLAB or any toolboxes available through this program for commercial purposes is expressly excluded.

Note: Licenses available through this program renew annually on Oct 1st. Each annual license will terminate and the software included in this program will stop operating after expiration of the subscription term unless renewed by the user.

Renewal Price List:

Installation Instructions and Documentation:

Login at using your email address as entered on the Matlab order and click the link "Get Licensed Products and Updates" under "My downloads".

Technical Support:

Questions pertaining to Installation and Operation of Matlab and the Toolboxes should be addressed to:

Licensing Questions:

Questions regarding Matlab and Toolbox licenses including leasing and renewal should be addressed to: