College of Engineering Awards

About the Awards

The College of Engineering Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the college’s teaching and research assistants, staff, and faculty members. The categories are:

During the month of February, students, staff, and faculty members can submit online nominations for these awards. After all nominations have been received, they are reviewed by ad hoc committees who recommend the top candidates to the Dean for the final decision. Award recipients are selected in early May and are notified directly by the Dean.

Awardees and nominees are acknowledged at a college-wide reception at the end of the academic year.

2016 College of Engineering Awardees

Faculty Award: Teaching
Wendy Thomas (BioE)

Faculty Award: Research
Eric Seibel (ME)

Faculty Award: Junior
James Carothers (ChemE) and Katherine Steele (ME)

Student Award: Teaching
Mark Jankauski (ME)

Student Award: Research
Utku Baran (EE)

Staff Award: Professional
Dan Feetham (Dean’s Office) and Aleesha Wiest (CSE)

Staff Award: Classified
Jenny Dutton (ISE)

Dean's Award
Daniel Ratner (BioE)

2016 College of Engineering Awards Nominees

Faculty Awards

Steven Brunton (ME)
Art Chaovalitwongse (ISE)
Joseph Garbini (ME)
James Hermanson (AA)
Alex Horner-Devine (CEE)
Daniel Ratner (BioE)
Wendy Thomas (BioE)

James Carothers (ChemE)
Gary Hsieh (HCDE)
Deok Ho Kim (BioE)
Anshu Narang (AA)
Katherine Steele (ME)

David Castner, (ChemE & BioE)
Hugh Hillhouse (ChemE)
Daniela Rosner (HCDE)
Jacques Rudell (EE)
Uri Shumlak (AA)
Eric Seibel (ME)


Student Awards

Rajesh Chaunsali (AA)
Mark Jankauski (ME)
Samuel Wallen (ME)
Julian Yamaura (CEE)

Utku Baran (EE)
Anna K Blakney (BioE)
Michael Dodd (AA)
Krittika D’Silva (CSE & BioE)
Alexis Hiniker (HCDE)
Matthew Kay (CSE)
Junwei Li (MSE)
Kyle Rector (CSE)
Hiromi Yasuda (ME)
Tong Zhang (EE)


Staff Awards

Anne Fitzmaurice Adams (Dean’s Office)
Sonya Cunningham (Dean’s Office)
Cassie Atkinson-Edwards (HCDE)
Dan Feetham (Dean’s Office)
Wanwisa Kisalang (ME)
Lorna Latal (CEE)
Helen Llamado (ME)
Kristina Montgomery (EE)
Kelli Jayn Nichols (BioE)
Jill Pfaendtner (BioE)
Shoko Saji (ChemE)
Jennifer Tsai (ISE)
Aleesha Wiest (CSE)

Nick Burmeister (CEE)
Jenny Dutton (ISE)
Sophie Ostlund (CSE)
Jenny Park (AA)
Morgan Tubby (HCDE)