College of Engineering Awards

Nominees and awardees will be honored at the College of Engineering Awards on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

About the Awards

The College of Engineering Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the college’s teaching and research assistants, staff, and faculty members. The categories are:

During the month of February, students, staff, and faculty members can submit online nominations for these awards. After all nominations have been received, they are reviewed by ad hoc committees who recommend the top candidates to the Dean for the final decision. Award recipients are selected in early May and are notified directly by the Dean.

Awardees and nominees are acknowledged at a college-wide reception at the end of the academic year.

2015 College of Engineering Awardees

Faculty Award: Teaching — Brian Fabien (ME) and Sean Munson (HCDE)

Faculty Award: Research — Paul Yager (BioE)

Faculty Award: Junior — Kai-Mei Fu (EE) and Brian Polagye (ME)

Student Award: Teaching — Eldridge Alcantara (EE)

Student Award: Research — Leslie Chan (BioE)

Staff Award: Professional — Melody Kadenko (CSE)

Staff Award: Classified — Christopher Adams (MolES)

2015 College of Engineering Awards Nominees

Faculty Award: Teaching
Graham Allan (ChemE)
Brian Fabien (ME)
Sean Munson (HCDE)

Faculty Award: Research
Cecilia Aragon (HCDE)
Hugh Hillhouse (ChemE)
Jiangyu Li (ME)
Paul Yager (BioE)

Faculty Award: Junior
Kai-Mei Fu (EE)
Brian Polagye (ME)
Daniela Rosner (HCDE)

Student Award: Teaching
Eldridge Alcantara (EE)
Amirhossein Amini (ME)
Francesco Deleo (AA)
Mark Jankauski (ME)
Kevin Lybarger (EE)
Taylor Scott (HCDE)

Student Award: Research
Mahdi Ashrafi (ME)
Leslie Chan (BioE)
Meng-Che Chuang (EE)
Michael Dodd (AA)
Ye-Jin Hwang (ChemE)
Rishabh Iyer (EE)
Daniel Perry (HCDE)
Jonathan Realmuto (ME)
Aditya Vashistha (CSE)

Staff Award: Professional
Shoko Bagwell (ChemE)
J. Edward Connery (AA)
Daniel Feetham (Dean's Office)
Vivian Ho (CEE)
Melody Kadenko (CSE)
Michael T. Khbeis (EE)
William Kuykendal (ME)
Lorna Latal (CEE)
KC Lynch (Do-IT)
Shirley Nollette (BioE)
Leah Pistorius (HCDE)
Becky Rooney (BioE)
Dzung Tran (AA)

Staff Award: Classified
Christopher Adams (MolES)
Elric Bills (Dean's Office)
Nancy Moses (ME)
Elaine Shelley (HCDE)