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triptych of foot prosthetic and researchers

Users of foot prostheses often struggle with an unnatural gait and suffer chronic fatigue and back pain. Discomfort occurs because current prosthetic foot devices lack joints. One team of engineering students is using their capstone design project to develop a prosthetic device with a segmented toe joint which mimics human motion while walking. The design produces more natural movement, greatly increasing mobility and alleviating many of the problems with current prosthetic feet. By crafting a prototype of their design and testing it with researchers at the Seattle VA Hospital, the team created a working model with the potential to make a real difference for amputees and people living with prostheses.

Your gift to the Capstone Fund allows students to tackle complex projects that prepare them for their engineering careers. The highlight of their engineering education, students hone skills like teamwork and real-world problem solving through their capstone design project. For this team of students, the Capstone Fund provided resources to create a working prototype of a jointed prosthetic foot and bring their project from design to reality.

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