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Because fossil fuels, coal and other traditional energy sources are finite, engineers are searching for renewable alternatives.

One group of engineering students designed their capstone project to explore an emerging source of power: the ocean. Working with scientists and engineers at UW’s Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, the team developed a low-cost oceanic drifter that captures critical data such as tidal strength and velocity. Researchers will use this information to identify new locations to install tidal turbines that convert waves into clean energy.

Capstone design projects are a rite of passage for all engineering seniors and enable students to tackle real-world problems while strengthening skills like open-ended thinking, teamwork and communication. Your gift to the Capstone Fund provides the critical support students need to take their projects from theory to reality, from buying equipment to providing materials to test their designs. Thanks to the Capstone Fund, the oceanic drifter team purchased materials to build a working prototype, which will be scaled up and deployed into the Puget Sound.

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