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In developing countries, four million children die each year from pneumonia and dehydration.

But there is a simple, inexpensive test that can detect these preventable illnesses early and enable lifesaving intervention. By simply pressing on a finger and counting the time it takes color to return, also known as the the capillary refill time (CRT), families can determine if their child is at risk. The challenge is teaching families how to read the test. A group of engineering students used their senior capstone design project to develop a tool that simplifies the CRT test process. Thanks to support from the Capstone Fund, the team created a low-cost mobile device to improve timing accuracy and color detection, prompting critical care for children worldwide.

Capstone design projects are the highlight of the engineering undergraduate education. Students tackle global problems through project-based, real-world learning, and develop skills including teamwork, communication and leadership. They enter the engineering workforce equipped to make an impact. By supporting the Capstone Fund, you’ll help engineering students bring innovative capstone projects from concept to reality.

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