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Transfer Student Admission

Many students choose to begin their engineering studies at a Washington state community college, or at an out-of-state institution, and then transfer to the UW. On this page, we share some tips to make the process as smooth as possible.



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Planning your community college course work

Research prerequisites and curriculum requirements

Study the application prerequisites and the additional freshman and sophomore course work for the engineering programs you are considering. While the application prerequisites are your priority courses, it is best to complete as much of the freshman/sophomore curriculum as possible. Information on required courses can be found at the following locations:

Know which community college classes are equivalent to UW courses

See the UW Equivalency Guide to identify equivalent classes at your college.

Note: While General Chemistry II will sometimes transfer as Chemistry 1XX, students who complete General Chemistry I & II* with accompanying lab at a Washington State Community College will satisfy the admission and graduation requirements for the following departments: CEE, ISE, MSE and ME.

*Courses such as Chemical Concepts, Introductory Chemistry and Chemistry Prep classes will not satisfy this requirement.

Know when to apply to engineering programs

Find out the application quarters for the engineering programs you are considering.

  • All engineering programs, except Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, admit students directly to the program for autumn quarter.
  • Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering also admit students for spring quarter.
  • Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering admit students for spring quarter only. See Bioengineering Undergraduate Program page or Chemical Engineering Upper Division Admission for information on transfer strategies.

Work with your college adviser

Meet with your community college adviser to plan your course work. Many of the courses you will need are part of sequences, and since some courses will be offered only certain quarters, it is critical to know the timing of the course offerings at your college.

Meet with a UW Engineering adviser

Advisers with Student Academic Services at the College of Engineering are available by appointment or on a drop-in basis, by email, and by phone.

  • Call (206) 543-1770 to set up an appointment.
  • Come to a Transfer Thursday information session, offered by the UW Office of Admissions. Engineering advisers are present.

Transfer Ambassadors

The Engineering Transfer Student Ambassador program provides an avenue for prospective transfer students to connect with previously transferred students who are now studying engineering at the University of Washington. Ambassadors are available to help prospective students navigate the process of transferring to UW and support their transition into the College of Engineering once they arrive.

Find An Ambassador


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Applying to the UW and to an engineering program

Transfer students typically apply to the UW after completing engineering program admission requirements. If, however, you are a transfer student and have not yet completed these courses, you can be admitted to the UW as a pre-engineering major, particularly if prerequisite courses are not offered at your other school. Once you meet the prerequisites, you can apply to one or more engineering departments.

The are separate applications and application deadlines for general UW admission and admission to engineering departments. Therefore, you need to complete two applications at two different times to gain admission to one of the engineering departments. In some cases, the general University of Washington application will be due several months before the engineering department application is available.

Please contact an adviser if you have questions about the timing of your applications, or about any other application requirements.

Step 1: Apply to the UW

The University of Washington application deadlines are as follows:

Quarter Transfer Students/
Post Baccalaureates
International Students
(Not US Citizens/Not Refugees)
Autumn February 15 February 15
Winter September 1 No admission
Spring* December 15 No admission**
Summer February 15 February 15

* Spring quarter admission to the University is only an option for students who are also applying for direct entry to an engineering program that offers spring admission. Because spring quarter is not open for general admission, the University online application will not be available. Applicants will submit a paper application to the UW Admissions Office.

** International transfer applicants who are already in the U.S. and meet department admission requirements, may submit the paper application to the UW Admissions Office for spring quarter only if they are also applying for spring quarter direct entry to either Bioengineering or Chemical Engineering. Admission to the University for spring quarter will be contingent on direct admission to either the Bioengineering or Chemical Engineering department.

To find out more about applying to the UW, see UW Office of Admissions. To request an application, call the Office of Admissions at (206) 543-9686.

Step 2: Apply to engineering departments

Once you have completed the prerequisite courses for one or more engineering programs, you can apply for admission to those programs. To apply, submit an Engineering Department Application form and unofficial transcripts to each of your chosen engineering departments. Details are on the online application form.

Transfer applicants are considered at the same time as applicants who are UW students. The criteria by which applicants are judged vary from department to department, but are based in part on the GPA earned in prerequisite courses. For more information, contact an adviser in Student Academic Services at (206) 543-1770. 

Application deadlines by quarter

Quarter Due Date Departments Admitting during the Quarter
Autumn July 1 All departments* with the exception of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering.
Winter   No departments admit students for winter quarter.
Spring February 1 Bioengineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering*
Computer Science*
Electrical Engineering
Human Centered Design & Engineering
Bioresource Science & Engineering

NOT ADMITTING students Spring quarter: Aeronautics & Astronautics, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Industrial Science & Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
Summer   No departments admit students during summer quarter.

The engineering department application deadline is significantly later than the UW deadline (July 1 versus February 15 for autumn). The online application for engineering departments opens in early to mid June for autumn application and early to mid January for spring application.

*Students wishing to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering do not need to submit a departmental application. For more information about transferring to the CSE department please visit site: http://www.cs.washington.edu/prospective_students/undergrad/admissions/t....

Engineering scholarships

In addition to the general student scholarships and financial aid offered by the University of Washington, students intending to major in engineering are invited to apply for College of Engineering scholarships. See Engineering Scholarships for the common application form and additional details.