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Engineering Department Admission Statistics

Each Engineering department has prepared a statement about their program’s degree of competitiveness. Please keep in mind that GPAs are not the only criteria for admission. Experience, recommendations, your personal statement, the breadth and depth of your studies, and involvement in extracurricular studies are also very important.

See Mission, Stats and Facts for more student and faculty information.

Department Statements on Competitiveness

William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Undergraduate students typically enter the department as juniors after completing admission prerequisites and general education requirements.  Admission is competitive and admitted students generally have grade point averages well above a 3.0. Students spend their junior year completing a set of core courses, then focus on courses within their area of interest, including an integrated design sequence. The curriculum is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET). Applications are accepted once a year for autumn quarter and are due July 1.

The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is 2.0 in each prerequisite course and a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses. More detailed information about prerequisites and a sample schedule can be found on Undergraduate Admissions Prerequisites.

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic counselor (by the end of their freshman year) and/or prior to application to the department. To make an appointment contact the department at (206) 616-1115, or by email request to:

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The Department of Bioengineering looks at prerequisite GPA, cumulative GPA, quality of the overall academic record, quality and content of the personal statement, and research experience (research is optional). Each piece of the application is carefully reviewed. While we do not select based on grades alone, most competitive applicants will have a strong GPA in the prerequisite courses. The GPA range for prerequisites is typically about 3.4 - 3.9 with an average of about 3.7. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 cumulative average.

Students who begin their college studies at UW may apply for Early Admission at the end of the freshman year or for Upper Admission during the sophomore year. Transfer students will apply for Upper Admission during winter quarter and should note that the program core begins Spring quarter. Most transfer students choose to complete two years at a community college, transfer to UW for Autumn Quarter, apply to Bioengineering in the Winter, and enter the department in Spring. They then have two additional years in the program, for a total of five years to degree. Please see Transfer Admission on the Bioengineering website for information about how to transfer and complete a degree within four years.

All prospective students should note that because we are a small department, we offer our courses only one a year. The Junior core courses begin Spring quarter. BIOEN 215 is expected to be taken during the freshman or sophomore year, though some transfers may take it in the junior year.

Please see the Bioengineering website for course requirements and other admissions information. Further questions about the Bioengineering program may be directed to

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Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the UW has three admission groups:  direct freshman, early admission, and upper division admission.

Direct Freshman Admission:  The department enrolls up to 20 percent of its incoming class directly from high school, prior to completion of University-level prerequisites. Students accepted to the UW who indicate chemical engineering as their preferred major on the freshman application are automatically considered. Competitive applicants have taken or are taking calculus and at least two years of laboratory science (physics, chemistry preferred) in high school. Admission is for autumn quarter only.

Early Admission is available to current UW students who entered the UW based on the freshman application and are completing their first year of study.  Admission is for autumn quarter only and the application deadline is July 1.  Admission is competitive; those earning individual prerequisite grades of 3.5 and above are most competitive for admission.

Upper-division applicants have completed at least four quarters of equivalent college-level coursework and are on track to begin the department curriculum in the spring quarter of their sophomore year.  The application deadline is February 1.  Admission is competitive; for the most recent admission cycle the average GPA was 3.7 with most applicants admitted in a GPA range of 3.3 – 4.0.

To learn more about each admission cycle and the factors taken into consideration in making admission decisions, consult the department’s prospective student webpages at

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate students typically enter the department in their junior year after spending their first two years completing civil engineering prerequisites and general education requirements. Admission is highly competitive and students granted admission generally have grade point averages well above a 3.0. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses.

Once admitted, students spend their junior year completing a set of core courses, then focus on courses within their area of interest during their senior year. The curriculum is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) and the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC). Applications are accepted once a year for Autumn Quarter and are due July 1.

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Computer Science & Engineering

Our evaluation of applications involves many factors. Here are some of the things we consider in our admission process:

  • We consider an applicant's GPA, both overall and in the prerequisite courses.
  • In evaluating transcripts, we look not only at applicants’ grades, but at how many courses they take at one time, whether they are involved in work or other activities that impact how many courses they can take per term, and the level of difficulty of each quarter as a whole. For example, did the applicant take honors level courses or courses with heavy workloads? Or did they repeat courses, take courses with overlapping content, or take light workloads?
  • We look for a range of courses -- not only prerequisite courses, but general education courses too. For instance, English and Speech Communications courses are also important to our majors. Many of our upper-division courses require students to give presentations, and students must communicate effectively among team members. Applicants’ choices of courses also let us know something about their interests.
  • The personal statement allows us to get to know more about what is important to applicants and why computer science/engineering are fields that interest them. We look for well-written essays and for applicants who express themselves creatively and effectively. We also look for breadth or depth in terms of an applicant's interests and activities.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering admits approximately 200 students per year. We typically have space for approximately 40% of students who apply. Cumulative GPAs of admitted students generally range from 3.4-4.0. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses.

For further information, please refer to the prospective student pages of our departmental Web site.

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Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering has two admissions cycles each year:

  • Fall Admissions (deadline for application is July 1st):   We admit approximately 130 to 180 students during this admission cycle. Students must have completed all prerequisite coursework PRIOR to the application deadline unless they are applying under the Early Admission process for Fall quarter. Please see Early and Upper Division admission processes, prerequisites, etc..
  • Spring Admissions (deadline for application is February 1st):  We admit approximately 55 to 70 students during this admission cycle.  We also get fewer applicants for this cycle in comparison to Fall.  Students must have completed all prerequisite coursework PRIOR to the application deadline. The Department does not have an Early Admission process for this quarter.

The average admission prerequisite GPA varies between 3.4 and 3.6.  This is an average that we’ve historically seen based on our applicant pools; this is not any kind of cut-off GPA.  The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses and a 2.5 cumulative average. Both prerequisite and cumulative GPA are considered during our admissions process, and as such, it is important to demonstrate academic success in both arenas.

The Admissions committee considers GPA, trends in educational history, and the statement of purpose when considering an applicant.  The statement of purpose is important to our process in that it gives our admissions committee information to consider beyond just GPA or trends in academic achievement.  Our admissions process is competitive.  The overall competitiveness of admission depends on the total number of applications we receive, as well as the general strength of the applicant pool, and it can vary widely from year to year.  We strongly encourage everyone who meets our minimum admission requirements to apply, but we also urge all applicants to have backup plans as well since we can't predict the future competitiveness of any admission cycle.  Students wishing to discuss admission in more detail may contact us at or 543-2142.

Please see our undergraduate admissions guide.

For admission statistics please see our department page at:

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Human Centered Design & Engineering

Students interested in Human Centered Design & Engineering typically apply to the department at the end of their sophomore year, after completing department prerequisites and general university requirements.

HCDE accepts applications for spring quarter (due February 1) and autumn quarter (due July 1).

Admission is competitive with approximately 90 students admitted per academic year. The average cumulative GPA for admitted students for the last two admissions cycles (AUT14 and SPR15) was about 3.5. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses. The admissions committee reviews each application holistically, taking the following into account: cumulative GPA, completion of prerequisites, prerequisite GPA, grade trends quarter to quarter, coursework, and articulation and breadth of personal statement in response to the prompt.

Once admitted, students spend their junior and senior year completing a set of core courses and courses within their area of interest. In addition, students participate in HCDE faculty directed research and a relevant internship experience.

For the academic year 2014-2015, HCDE offered admission to approximately 27% of applicants.

Learn more on our Admission Requirements page.

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Industrial & Systems Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering provides a challenging and rewarding program for undergraduates at the University of Washington. The GPA of entering students covers a wide range, from about a 2.8 to 3.8. The average GPA of entering students has been around a 3.1 over the last couple of years. GPA is but one factor considered for admission into Industrial & Systems Engineering. The admissions committee also pays high consideration to an applicant's personal statement, prior work experience, and any extenuating circumstances that might have affected the student's academic performance. Industrial & Systems Engineering provides scholarships based on academic performance and/or financial need. Academic scholarships are usually offered to students with GPAs of 3.4 and higher. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses.

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Materials Science & Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering reviews applications for the undergraduate program based on the following criteria:

  • Prerequisite GPA
  • Cumulative UW GPA
  • Individual grades for prerequisite courses
  • Grade trends and number of repeated courses
  • Motivational factors as evidenced by the personal statement

The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is 2.0 in each prerequisite course and a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admittance into the program. In the last few years, the average prerequisite GPA has been about a 3.3 for Upper Admission students and about a 3.5 for Early Admission students. Please keep in mind that we admit students with GPAs above and below these averages.

More information about the undergraduate program and the application process is available at:
If you have any questions, please e-mail or call (206) 616-6581.  We look forward to receiving your application.

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Mechanical Engineering

The admissions process is competitive for the ME program (BSME) and we welcome an application from any student with a GPA greater than 2.5. The average GPA for students accepted to the program has been approximately 3.6. Although students with greater GPAs generally have a greater probability of being accepted, the admissions committee considers performance in specific key courses and the applicant's statement of purpose as other strong indicators of a students probable success in the program. Students with GPAs less than about 3.0 are generally not accepted.

The Department provides scholarships to many students on the basis of academic performance and/or financial need. Students qualifying for scholarships based on academic performance generally have GPAs greater than 3.5.

We encourage potential students to meet with the counselors in the ME Student Services office before applying to the program. To schedule an advising appointment, call (206) 543-5090, email:, or contact the ME receptionist in Mechanical Engineering Building room MEB 143.

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Bioresource Science & Engineering

Bioresource Science and Engineering is a well-funded engineering program studying conversion of biomass into chemicals and fiber products. Autumn admission is preferred but additional space may be available at other times during the year. Numerous scholarships and support are available through the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation on a competitive basis. Students must have the majority of prerequisites met with generally a 3.0 GPA overall. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission is a 2.5 average in prerequisite courses. See Program information on our website.

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Technical Communication (see Human Centered Design & Engineering)