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Engineers are fascinated by questions of how and why things work. They use their training in mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand the physical world and develop creative solutions to society's complex needs. Engineering is highly collaborative and demands strong communication skills.

Learn More about UW Engineering

Engineering advisers, degrees and majors offered, planning your course schedule, and succeeding as an engineering student.

Admission requirements and statistics, engineering application, writing your personal statement.

How and when to apply for engineering scholarships.

Opportunities for undergraduates to participate in engineering research.

Internships and the Engineering Co-op, which links students to employers for paid positions and tremendous learning experiences.

Clubs, projects and groups to support and build community in our diverse student population.

Discover Engineering: Introductory Seminars

Several courses and seminars are available each year that allow students to find out more about engineering and about specific majors within the College of Engineering. Many of these options are one or two credits and are seminars which do not require homework or exams, so they can easily be taken in addition to a regular full-time course load.

Course ID Credits Course/Seminar name Quarter
CSE 190 A1Women in Computing Seminaraut win spr
BIOEN 299 1 Intro to Bioengineering aut spr
BSE 2013Intro to Pulp, Paper, and Bioproductsaut
AA 4961Undergraduate Seminarwin
CEE 1001Twenty-first Century Civil and Environmental Engineeringwin
MSE 2981Intro to Modern Materials spr
MSE 2732Molecular Engineering of Interfaces and Surfaceswin
BSE 1501Bioresource Science & Engineering Seminar aut
GENST 197F1 Freshman Seminaraut win spr

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