Diversity Programs

“Engineering is a very creative profession... [Without] diversity, we limit the set of life experiences that are applied, and as a result, we pay an opportunity cost - a cost in products not built, in designs not considered, in constraints not understood, in processes not invented."

~ William. A. Wulf,
former National Academy of Engineering President,
Diversity in Engineering, The Bridge, Winter 1998.

Together, these programs provide financial, social, academic and cultural support to engineering students. They recruit top high school students to UW engineering, with an emphasis on reaching underrepresented populations in the field and in the programs. And they help students launch their careers with mentoring and hands-on work experience.

Also see Diversity at UW for campus-wide programs and information.

Encourages individuals with disabilities to take on challenging academic programs and careers by promoting the use of technology to increase independence and productivity.
Keywords: diversity, academic support, disabilities, technology Open to all students, MSEP promotes academic excellence, facilitates leadership skills, and fosters community of engineering scholars.
Keywords: diversity, academic support, ALVA, NACME PEERs course teaches students to teach their peers to be change-agents for increased diversity. Students earn internship credit by becoming PEERs leaders and helping with presentations.
Keywords: diversity, leadership The STARS program provides highly motivated students who are eligible for financial aid with a specialized first-year curriculum designed to build learning skills and academic preparation.
Keywords: academic support, diversity, mentoring Provides social connection, mentoring, advising, and tutoring for women in science and engineering. Programs include academic support, Bridge, the WiSE Conference, and the Pre-Major and Pre-Professional programs.
Keywords: diversity, academic, social, leadership, mentoring

Student Organizations, Clubs and Competitions

Engineering students can participate in a wide variety of social, technical and environmental organizations and clubs. Competitions are often sponsored by professional organizations and corporations and are a fun and challenging way to gain real-world experience in engineering.

Study Abroad Program

Interdisciplinary STEM in Australia, sponsored by the College of Engineering and the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), gives engineering students opportunities to study and work in other countries. In 2012, 15 UW students spent summer quarter studying robotics in Australia. Many of the students are the first in their families to attend university and for most it's not only the first time out of the country, but also out of the state of Washington. Learn more in the Queensland University of Technology article and the UW Study Abroad website.

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Also see Diversity at UW for campus-wide programs and information.

We need people with disabilities pursing careers as engineers!
Adapted from GeekWire's How tech advances are helping innovators do more for people with disabilities

People who know exactly what a disabled person may need in a product understand the value of what they are doing. "They see the nuances" says UW CSE professor Richard Ladner, who’s dedicated more than a decade of his life to accessibility research. Ladner is excited about the recent increase in attention to the assistive technology and says, “There is a lot of room for this space to grow.” Read more »